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Value Of Osteopaths and Acupuncture Being Realised In The Medical Community

Although once regarded with scepticism in the conventional medical community, osteopathic medicine and acupuncture have become an important contributor to the nation’s healthcare service, as a growing number of doctors are including osteopathy and other allied health treatments in their patients’ health care regimens.

A recent New South Wales survey of local physicians revealed that almost two – thirds of GPs referred their patients to an osteopath numerous times each year. Nearly 25 percent of GPs referred patients at least once a month to an osteopath. These statistics clearly demonstrate the endorsement of osteopathy by mainstream medical practitioners.

This increasing acceptance of osteopathy and acupuncture is welcomed by osteopaths as well as their patients, who have laboured a long time under the many misconceptions regarding osteopathy.

What Do Osteopaths Do?

Australia’s osteopaths are health care professionals who practice healing through holistic medicine. Osteopathic philosophy’s main focus is on the musculoskeletal system with the majority of osteopathic treatments involving manipulation therapy.

Issues existing in the musculoskeletal system can result in a range of other problems occurring in the body. By treating ailments in the musculoskeletal system, osteopaths help to reduce or treat painful conditions including spinal issues, joint problems and chronic pain. Chronic pain sufferers have found osteopathy highly effective in managing and reducing their pain.

Finding The Right Osteopath

If you’re searching for a professional osteopath, it’s critical to find one who is both qualified and experienced.
In Australia, our osteopathic practitioners are required to complete a mandatory five year minimum of training in university to acquire a range of medical disciplines which include general medical diagnosis, anatomy as well as osteopathy in order to become licensed. Generally, Osteopaths have either a master’s degree or a double bachelor’s degree.

In addition to this, osteopaths must be registered with the government and undergo continuing education.

There are a selection of online tools available that can help you assess whether your prospective osteopath is properly registered. In many cases, general practitioners who are up to date regarding osteopathic practices will refer you to an osteopath when they feel that your condition can benefit from such therapy.

With the increased number of doctors embracing the effectiveness of osteopathic medicine, the number of osteopathic practitioners operating in Austyralia has grown. Connecting with an Osteopath to improve your overall health can be the beginning of a considerable boost in the quality of your life.