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Top 10 Ways To Decrease Your Low Back Pain

Here’s some good news: Most back pains eventually “go away.” This may take a few short days or weeks, so sometimes it may not be necessary to take pain medication straight away. Unless, of course, the medication is prescribed by your doctor. But for most people suffering back pains, particularly in the lumbar region, certain remedies can be applied to ease the discomfort and recover faster.

Here are just 10 ways to decrease your low back pain today.

1. Use your body the right way, or as the doctors would tell you, be aware of body mechanics. When you lift, bend your knees and flex from your spine. When you sit or stand, try not to slouch.

2. Change the way you do things when they aggravate your pain. If high heels add to your discomfort, try more low-heeled shoes. When certain sleeping positions leave you aching the next day, do this: place a pillow between your knees when you sleep on your side; put a rolled up towel under your lower back or a pillow under your knees when you sleep facing up.

3. Try to lose the extra pounds. Excess weight can add to the strain on your back.

4. Get acupuncture and osteopathic treatment. Osteopathy is a remarkably effective and, best of all, non-surgical option to treating lower back pain. Some of the treatments that could be done are soft tissue mobilisation, myofascial therapy, and muscle energy, among others. Finding a good osteopath can be hard if you haven’t had a personal recommendation, especially one that also does acupuncture. Googling for review sites can be a helpful alternative, eg ‘osteopath Bondi Junction reviews‘.

5. Get into low-impact exercises. Consider yoga and swimming for two to three hours every week. An 11-year study of 30,000 men and women has found that both exercises decrease pain in the lumbar region.

6. Manage your stress better. Indeed, everyday pressures from work or home cannot be avoided but they can certainly be managed. When you stress out, your muscles tense up, which will aggravate your back pain. So find ways to relax. Meditate, go out with friends every Friday night, get a spa treatment — do whatever helps you cope with stress.

7. Quit smoking. There is evidence to indicate that smokers are more likely to experience back pains than non-smokers. This is credited to the nicotine in cigarettes, which limits blood flow to your spine, causing it to crack or rupture.

8. Listen to music. Did you know that music therapy could reduce disability and chronic pain? It’s an inexpensive and wonderful way to decrease lower back pain.

9. Take vitamins to strengthen your bones, and your back. With your doctor’s supervision, take calcium and vitamin D. Alternately, you can get them from yogurt and leafy greens (calcium), and beef liver and egg yolks (vitamin D). Add anti-inflammatory spices and herbal medicines to your diet, such as turmeric and ginger.

10. Never lie down for too long. This may have been the thinking back in the day, that you should lie down for hours when your back starts to ache. But it turns out that when you do, it will worsen your condition; sitting for too long will have the same effect.

From paying attention to body mechanics to seeking pain management, you can decrease lower back pain today.