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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine – Sydney

There are many options for Chinese Herbal Medicine in Sydney.

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Sydney

What is Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Chinese herbal medicine is vast and is considered by many to be the backbone of Chinese medicine.

General practice involves the use of between 200 and 300 different herbs.

The herbs are rarely used singularly but rather in combinations known as prescriptions or formulas. Each formula may consist of between 2 and 20 different herbs.

Individually Tailored Chinese Herb Prescriptions – North Sydney

Your condition is unique, and so too may be each Chinese herbal formula.

One of the key benefits of Chinese herbal medicine is its ability to be intricately tailored to suit the individual. Herbs can be added and removed from your prescription, and doses can be changed, as your condition changes.

Although these formulas may be based on one of the hundreds of classical prescriptions that Chinese medicine has documented, it is always reviewed, and potentially modified to suit your situation.

How are the Chinese Herbs Taken?

Herbs come in the form of concentrated, granulated, extracts. They are prepared much like making a cup of instant coffee. Simply dissolve the granules in hot water and drink it as a tea.

Are There Any Side Effects of Chinese Herbal Medicine

It is unlikely that you will experience side effects whilst using Chinese medicine.

Occasionally people note a slight light-headedness following acupuncture, or loose bowel movements after taking Chinese herbs. If this is occurs, your treatment can usually be easily modified to avoid these reactions.

Chinese Herbs and Modern Western Medicine

A commonly asked question we are asked is, can traditional Chinese herbs be used in conjunction with modern medicine? And the simple answer is that yes, in most cases they absolutely can. Chinese herbs are all natural and there are very few reports of adverse interactions between Chinese medicine and conventional medicine. In fact, the two are routinely used to complement each other.

For example, TCM is often used to treat the side effects of modern drugs, and to strengthen patients undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy or other heavy treatments.

However, it is important that you discuss any medications you are currently taking (herbal and otherwise) with your practitioner at your initial consultation. They will then be able to assess any risks and modify the prescription appropriately.